• Time for a Congressional Replacement

    Eric Holmes is running for Congress (MO-05) because he feels the government needs to be accountable to the people. We have a Constitution, and other laws and rules which need to be followed. Congress is required to pass a budget. Congress can only pass revenue bills initiated in the House. Only Congress can declare war. The people have freedom of speech, press and religion. The people are protected from undo search and seizures. Congress needs to protect the people. Congress needs to hold the Executive accountable to the enforcement of the laws.
  • Fighting for Justice

    Does our government have to obey the law? Interesting question though more and more people are beginning to wonder with scandal after scandal and one instance after another of abuse by government agencies. Eric Holmes, a 30 year Army and Army Reserve veteran, a colonel and an OIF veteran. Eric is also a businessman, engineer, author, husband and father. Eric will fight to ensure the US Government lives by and enforces the laws.